Bingo numbers and lucky numbers

Bingo is a game that is determined by chance and luck. The game requires no special skills or secret knowledge. The odds of winning depend on chance. However many bingo players still find that they sit in their lucky place, maybe surrounded by talismans or play their lucky numbers. Others prefer to wear certain items of clothing and headgear, or rely on horoscopes and zodiac signs for guidance while others even perform special rituals. Even in our modern world these superstitions are alive and deep rooted amongst bingo players!

Bingo Numbers
Bingo numbers

The favourite lucky numbers

There is no science that confirms that the influence of superstitions, horoscopes and rituals work to succeed in bingo. The odds of winning are based solely on the laws of mathematical probability. Certainly there is only one winning side at bingo: the organizer. The organisers reserve a portion of the proceeds for themselves with only a remainder which goes into the prize pool or in the jackpot. Some players believe they have the ways and means to know how to increase the chances of winning. The use of personal lucky numbers is, if evenly distributed over the entire set of numbers, at least not harmful, they even make the game more fun and give personal motivation. Of course, this approach cannot be explained by statistical means, because the numbers drawn will be selected at random. How many times a number has been drawn does not affect the probability of utilization.

Experiments have shown that in a random drawing, figures are evenly distributed over the set of numbers. Bingo players know that cards of closely spaced numbers decreases the odds. Therefore, cards that have a wide range of random numbers are preferable.

Bingo with system

Currently, two bingo variants are mainly played: the 75-ball game with a 5x5 card and a free field or the 90-ball game with a 9x3 card. Other variants are also played. To derive certain patterns on the cards must be obtained. The more players fighting for the prizes, the lower their own chance of winning. This is simple maths. Therefore experienced bingo players are looking for games with a few participants, not playing for high jackpots or bonuses and not because of the probability of winning, but because the possibility of winning profit is significantly higher than in a normal game.

One approach often used to increase the chances of winning is the so-called average method. First, a player finds out what numbers were not or very rarely drawn in recent games. He then selects cards that do not contain these numbers. After the average law numbers are usually drawn in a passage three times, others not at all. This method works only for bingo games where you can pick the cards. It is also necessary to keep records of the previous results.

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