Bingo Strategies - Play Successfully

Bingo is similar to Lotto, a gamble. A "sure-fire" strategy, where the goddess of fortune can be bribed, there is not! But there are a few tricks to improve the chances of winning a little.

Bingo strategy
Bingo strategy

Number of cards

Those playing with multiple cards per turn, have better chances of winning - of course, but also increases the use. Here, you can opt for different strategies. For Cards which match several numbers, the odds of winning as a whole, are higher. Cards with different possible figures cover a wider field, so that one is likely to remain in the game longer.

Number of players

When a player joins a bingo round, you should pay attention to the competition. Playing with a few people will improve the chance that you can press the bingo button first. On the other hand, the following applies: tables, where many players participate, the winning amount is often much higher.

Auto Function

Activate the Online Bingo auto function. These matches are selected automatically, and you cannot see the results, even when using multiple cards.

Gain experience

Before you join the fray of the virtual bingo hall, you should get to know the game more closely. A free opportunity to do so is available on many online casinos such as in chat rooms. Here there is also the opportunity to interact with other bingo players and maybe even obtain the odd tip.


Make sure when choosing the bingo game on the size of the jackpot. There are basically fixed and running total prizes. In the second example the jackpot, as long as it is not won, rolls on and on. Read our tips and tricks about bingo.

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