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Online Bingo is a popular variant of the lottery and is played worldwide. The simple rules and a fair chance of winning entice players of all ages to fall under its spell. Since the online version is not that much different from normal bingo, the fun factor in both variants remains the same. The British style is mostly played with 90 balls, while the American style uses 75 balls. In Germany, there are a few ways to play bingo live, online bingo has evolved the same. The game of Bingo offers the chance to win small prizes however huge jackpots are possible. To win big though most players need to show patience and playfulness. Online bingo also means different bingo games but all played by the same rules.

Online Bingo
Online Bingo

History of Bingo

Lottery based games have evolved since the 17th century and similarities still exist in modern games. Bingo was born one December evening in 1929 when the American, Edwin Lowe, was travelling home. He stumbled across a fairground where a game named Beano was being played. The game consisted of numbered cards and beans and was a variation of the Lotto. The rules were simple and similar to modern day Bingo the only difference being the winner cried Beano not Bingo on completion. On his return home Lowe modified the game slightly and introduced the game to his friends. During one exciting game, one of his friends made a mistake shouting BINGO on winning, the name stuck with Lowe and in due course he made a general playable version with balls and named his new game. Now it is widely played in the United States, England and the Philippines, and has changed rapidly through the introduction of online gaming.

Strategy and winning opportunities

Players have developed numerous strategies over the decades to increase their chances of winning. Since online bingo is a game of chance, the winnings can be from several hundred euros to four or five figure jackpots. Many players do not play a single Bingo ticket, but as many as possible to increase their chances of winning. In addition, a player should learn about the game before playing, the probabilities and strategies, for example if many cards are being played by opponents, the lower the probability of winning.


The card for the game consists of five columns with five lines. Here, each letter will be assigned 15 numbers. Players compare the letter-number combination with their lottery tickets and check winning fields. The caller pulls the balls and the first player with all the numbers and letters combination calls bingo.

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