Blackjack tips and tricks to gamble

In blackjack, there are many ways that one can increase his chances of winning. We would like to introduce a few common tips and tricks on this page:

Black Jack tips
Black Jack tips

Card Counting - who can expect a higher chance of winning?

The most important rule in blackjack game is the card counting. The method is as simple as effective. In order to always have the proper perspective, there is a small blackjack trick. One step, the map in three categories:

If a deck is completely played, a 0 always comes out at the end. In about one-half of the game can now be considered an interim balance. A plus means that some high cards like Ace or 10 are in circulation, a negative result indicates that predominantly low values are expected. More information can be found on our page about blackjack card counting!

The best payoff for the maximum profit

An important blackjack strategy is to find the game that offers the highest payout. In general, the payout on a natural blackjack is in the ratio of 3:2. So 15 euro profit on a bet of 10 € if the 21 points have been obtained with the first two cards. But there are also casinos that promise a ratio of 6 to 5 for such a sheet. That looks good, but on closer examination of disadvantage. In such a case, the player gets namely only 12 euros profit on a bet of 10 euros.

Blackjack tips and tricks for other online games

In addition to the specific blackjack tips, there are a whole host of other things that need to be considered. A player who is tired, makes mistakes. So if the atmospheres at the low point, stop with the game. This is also true for a long winning streak. The point of happiness is when you're not playing for money. And now the most important thing. Blackjack is a game. Therefore, never exceed its own budget.

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