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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and is available both on the Internet and in the "real" world in virtually all casinos. Because of the simple rules, gambling beginners can quickly learn to play blackjack, which has contributed to its popularity. At the same time, the game also offers many opportunities to maximize, through clever strategies, chances of winning, which makes blackjack interesting to professionals. Online, blackjack is often offered with the opportunity to learn how to play for free, with initial games to practice your newly learnt skills available. Blackjack Games are therefore an excellent entry into the world of casinos, which makes it easy to develop a feel for the game of chance.

Online Blackjack
Online Black Jack

History of Black Jack

Blackjack has a long history and it has evolved over the centuries. Although it exacts origins are not known around 300 years ago a version of backjack could be found in Southern Europe, being played in France, Spain and Italy. The name given at the time, 21, is still recognised today and still used by many. The game found its way to America by way of French colonists and the game was taken to a new world! The game spread across the American continent, at the time having different rules to today but it finally gained popularity in the home of gambling, Nevada, in 1931. Blackjack stills wows it delights in the casinos of Las Vegas to this day.

A boom time for Blackjack was during the sixties, when the book "Beat the Dealer" by Edward Thorpe introduced entirely new strategies. Casinos responded quite quickly, however, and tried to stop the use of these strategies. Then in the nineties, online blackjack spread, with the game experiencing a new surge in popularity, which continues today. Either in the real world or on the internet, Blackjack casino is never far away.

Strategy and winning opportunities

The ways to win at Blackjack differ significantly between the different variations of the game. Also from one provider to the next, payouts can vary significantly. Players should be familiar with the intricacies of the different offers and options available before playing. However more experienced players are capable of playing using different strategies to maximize their own advantages to win and keep the house advantage of the casino small. The recommendation is generally to play with only a minimal amount, which is about one-fiftieth of their own budgets -those who play high stakes, admittedly initially win better, but it does not last long usually.


Each player receives, after setting the insert, two open cards. The aim of the game is to get as close as possible to the card value 21. An ace can be counted as one or eleven points, Jack, Queen and King are ten points, all other cards have their face value. The player can get additional cards if necessary; if the card total exceeds 21 points, the game is lost.

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