Blackjack Card Counting

No other casino game is shrouded in as many myths as the game of blackjack. One of the most popular methods or strategies is card counting. It has become the theme of numerous Hollywood films and works of many scientists, mathematicians etc which has set the game apart. The Granddaddy of card counting is Dr. Edward O. Thorp with his 1962 book "Beat the Dealer ".

Is Blackjack Card Counting possible?

In some respects card counting at blackjack in normal casinos is possible when several blackjack hands are played before the dealer must shuffle the deck again.

While it is not a panacea with 100% guarantee of success, it is a good strategy if you can count cards with the odds of winning increasing significantly at play.

Is card counting possible in online blackjack?

No - In online casinos, the cards are drawn at random. A count would be meaningless here.

Is counting cards illegal or prohibited?

Be warned. While there is no law that prohibits card counting or called illegal, many casinos do not like to see it when customers are counting cards. Therefore, avoid taking out your calculator! Conduct yourself in an unobvious and unobtrusive manner. Train until you have internalized the strategy, otherwise you may have problems with the security staff of the casinos.

Learn to count cards | Instructions

Here is a small guide to learn card counting itself:

The first thing to know is that a deck of cards has 52 cards. Each type of card (Ace, Jack, 7.8 etc ) comes in the game 4 times before (as diamonds, hearts, spades or clubs version). Thus, the probability on each card is 1 in 13

Now should the first card, for example, be a 7 revealed, the probability increased to eg an ace, since the denominator (52 cards) decreased. After a solid 7 it would be only 51 cards in the game possible.

With this knowledge, you can estimate in the game when it is worthwhile to enter, now that the opportunity is higher at a profit.

The High - Low | plus-minus system

One of the most well-known systems in cards is the plus -minus (High -Low) system. In this system, the cards are assigned different values :

You now need to track the cards in the game. If they have a positive number in mind, it means that they can set higher. With a low number you should be more cautious and lower.

The first time you play, this strategy does not simply happen as you have to count the decks of the players, but with practice you can internalize such tactics.

Other factors included with the cards

A further factor that will increase your chances of winning at card counts is to know how many cards are still present in the deck. The more cards that have been played, the more accurate your results.

Calculate what are still contained in the deck with your previously determined value by the number of cards. If your result is still positive, you have a high chance of winning.

Works cards counting even today?

It is important to know that today, often with 6 decks, 312 cards being played together. If 60 cards remain on, a reshuffle can happen. The casinos want to do so in order to stop the count against the cards. But there are still sporadic casinos that still play classic with 52 cards. You still have the opportunity to beat the bank!

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