Odd or Even roulette numbers (pair or impairment)

Amongst the simple chances in the game of roulette importance can be placed putting bets on even or odd numbers (pair or impairment). Similar to the setting on "red" or "black" there is a chance of winning 48.6% with French roulette. There are therefore a possible 18 out of 37 numbers.

Even roulette numbers


Odd roulette numbers


So what numbers do you choose: odds or evens?

The following graphics should help to explain that. You will see the construction of the roulette table in the French version:

Roulette Pair Roulette Impair
Pair and Impair

On the left you see the version put on even numbers and on the right you see the version set to odd numbers.

Odds when placing on Pair / Impair

The chance of winning is 48.6% at French Roulette or 47.3% in the American variant. The gain factor is "simple" - you get the same amount that you have set.

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