Gamble tips and tricks for roulette

You want to play roulette online and looking for a few tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning. Then they are right here on this page. Here we give you a few tips and tricks to play roulette:

Roulette Tips
Roulette tips

There is no system at roulette

Gamble Roulette is a matter of luck. No one knows where the ball is going to roll or stop, it is impossible to beat. Therefore, all statistics are useless, because the ball could fall five times in succession on the 17! The same applies to so-called "safe" roulette systems. The Bank always ends up winning. A player who decides to put a bet on all 37 numbers is guaranteed a hit but would receive only 36 times the profit distribution (see also our probability calculation).

Discipline and good self-assessment

A player cannot affect the ball but can control their own behaviour. Greed is the player's biggest enemy. Therefore, the most important roulette trick for a successful game is the control of one's emotions. A limit on time and finances should be established before entering play. The financial limit minimizes the losses, eg I will not spend more than 25 euros, the time limit secures the profits. If you play for an hour you could get away with a big win and making a profit.

Minimize losses and realize gains

This roulette trick sounds like a truism, yet it is hugely important. It means in case of a loss do not begin to double the stakes to regain your money, this can get very expensive. In the event a winning streak you should also keep to your budget and not make big increases in the amount you bet.

Illegal Roulette Tricks

There are no illegal roulette tricks. The set and double click a colour is not illegal but the note here is that there may be table limits. If you, for example losse due to a sequence eg8 times doubled, you can quickly reach table limits. The fact is roulette is a game of chance with no memory. Read our article about the probabilities.

Practice with play money

Those who use money, know what they're doing. A safe way to get familiar with the game of roulette is the game with free play money. It allows the player to find his own roulette tricks without risk.

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