Colour at roulette - Red or Black (Rouge et Noir)

Betting on red or black (Rouge and Noir) at roulette is an easy choice. You'll have a chance of winning 48.6% of the French variant or 47.3% in the U.S. So there are 18 numbers per each colour in any roulette game. Added to this is the special case of "zero" or "double zero" which is "green".

Red numbers in roulette (Rouge)


Black figures at Roulete (Noir)


Green numbers in roulette (Zero)

0 (Fr.) or 0 and 00 (American)

How do you put on colours at roulette?

The following graphics can explain. You will see the construction of the roulette table in the French version:

Roulette Rouge Roulette Noir
Rouge and Noirs

On the left you see the version set to red (rouge) and on the right version set to black (Noir).

Chance to win a set of colours

The odds of winning on red or black is 48.6% (French) or 47.3% (American). The win factor is "simple" - you get the same amount that you have bet.

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