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There is probably no other game is so strongly associated with the casino than roulette. Gambling with the rolling ball is a timeless classic that has drawn people for centuries and still is up to this day. It has never been as easy as it is today to experience the fascination of this game - it has been a long time coming but it is no longer necessary to visit an exclusive casino, because today anyone interested can simply play online roulette. Even for beginners, it is now no longer difficult to find access to this game. Online casino roulette offers the same features as the classic version and can be played without risk or problems even with small amounts.

Online Roulette
Online Roulette

History of Roulette

This traditional game has evolved since its invention. It is likely that today's game is closest to the form played in the 17th and 18th century. The idea of the game, however, is much older and can probably be attributed to the wheel of fortune, which was common in the middle Ages. The inventor of roulette is now often referred to as the famous French mathematician Blaise Pascal. He was studying probability and he invented a machine. His work, with a few modifications, later came to be the famous roulette wheel.

An early record of roulette can be found in 17th century Italy. A hundred years later it was also popular in France, but it was not received well by Louis XV who fought gambling vehemently, albeit with limited success. Napoleom legalized it years after. Roulette was popular during the 18th century, when the game benches of European spas were frequented by renowned personalities from around the world. Testimony to this is found in the famous novel "The Gambler" by Dostoevsky which portrays the game in detail.

The trend ended for gaming with the founding of the German Empire, when gambling was once again banned. Only since the mid-20th century, Roulette has been legal again. The rules of today's versions differ only slightly from those of 150 years ago.

Strategy and profit opportunities

If you want to play roulette, you should know exactly what the profit and probabilities are. These depend not insignificantly on the strategy that is chosen. If you choose a low risk which is based on colors or odd / even numbers, you won't experience a miracle, but also no great losses on average either. The other extreme is betting on a single number. Here you can obtain, depending on the variant, 38 times the bet, but the probability is also correspondingly low.

A good strategy remains the Online Casino Roulette, but not only with the different ways to win in sight, but always keep your eye on your finances. Generally, it is very often recommended to double the bet after a loss to halve after a win, however. In this way, a large overall loss cannot completely rule out the probability of a favourable result, however it is slightly larger (But also note that there is actually no system). Overall, the profit potential of the European version of roulette is slightly higher than in the U.S.


The rules of roulette are internationally uniform today. The American version differs from the European in that in addition to the zero, double zero is still available. If you want to play online roulette, you can often choose between two variants. In addition to individual numbers and 50/50-Optionen can always be also tap, different set of numbers which are different probably.

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