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Do you want to play at online casino slot machines / slot games? You don't know which vendors are reputable and safe on the market? We would like to introduce our slot machine / slot casino directory of safe and reliable German -language provider:

Slot casino directory


Playing slot machines is actually very simple. But there are still a few tips, tricks and strategies from our site, so that you can possibly increase your chances of winning slightly.

Our gaming machine provider

Our directory is structured so that we introduce only well-known and safe casino providers. We have developed our own rating system to help you select a suitable provider.

Our recommendation to you

Many of the providers listed here also offer free games for you. These are mostly the original games for real money for all and provide a good opportunity to try out the different providers. Also, read our reviews. Read a review on these individual providers and then try them out for yourself and decide what is best for you.

As a rule, a good provider can be found by sampling from 2-3 providers. Take it from the welcome bonuses for themselves.

Another important point is the conditions for participation in bonus promotions. Read this carefully!

Note: gambling is addictive. If you have problems with gambling please read our tips against gambling addiction.

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