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Slot machines are enjoying increasing popularity on the Internet. This is mainly because the rules are usually easy to understand and easy to learn. Just the basics are usually very similar with different models.

Slot rules
Slot rules

Simple game systems

With a slot machine, each player usually has the goal to get a certain number of identical symbols in a row. The symbols rotate on usually three to five reels. Depending on the type of icon different prizes will be paid. In addition, the amount of the payment depends on the predetermined use. Before each round, each player can decide how much money you want to bet. In the simple machines, there are also between one and five paylines. If there are multiple pay lines, success can therefore be achieved not only through the middle row, but also on the top and bottom as well as the two diagonal rows.

More complex game systems

For more complex slot machines, the number of paylines increases even further. Up to 50 different lines are possible on some machines, which increases the chance of a payout significantly. However, the stakes rise equivalent to the number of selected lines, as each use is multiplied by the number of paylines. There are also wild and scatter symbols on many machines. Scatter symbols usually bring a number of free spins and will appear on the screen for a certain number. Wild symbols act as a wild card and can replace a symbol which can still lead to a payout. If you have made a profit, you can then double this as many machines offer the chance with a risk game.

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