What can you do against gambling addiction?

Responsible gambling means a lot of discipline. So you should always remain aware that gambling has something to do with luck. 100 % Secure strategies do not exist (if there were, all, online casinos would have already declared bankruptcy). So always be honest with yourself. Do not take risks, play only one match at a time. Stick to your budget both financial and time.

We have written an overview guide for fair and responsible gambling. In this context, we want to explain to you what you can do against gambling.

Signs of gambling addiction recognize - Take the test

The first major signs of a gambling addiction are habitual deviations to their gambling behaviour. Translated, for example, you bet more money than the limit you set? This behaviour could be interpreted as a first sign for a potential gambling addiction.

We have you created a small list of questions of "Gamers Anonyomos" for you:

If you have answered more than 7 with a "Yes", you should seek professional help.

Help with gambling addiction

Here are a few useful links:

What should you do if you seem to be suffering from gambling addiction?

First of all you should be aware that addiction is a disease. It is important to note this point as it is clear that responsibility and lack of control is lost due to many different circumstances. If your will is strong enough and you seek professional help, you will find the way out of this disease.

The following points may help you:

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