Crack or manipulate slot machines. Is that possible?

In almost every other pub or bar in the world, there are slot machines. The slot machines are therefore among the most used gambling methods for example in Germany. And of course there are always a lot of myths and stories to be able to manipulate these slot machines and crack them!

Let us look therefore at the question whether it is possible to manipulate slot machines and beat them. The answer is probably YES!

Operators of the slot machines are full of security systems to the fit with the changing times therefore many "older" tricks just no longer work, but there are still some who are able to bypass the security mechanisms and beat the machine.

What are some tricks to manipulate slot machines?

Let's start by looking at history. So there were, mainly in the United States, cases where people (eg Tommy Carmichael or Dennis Nikrasch) could manipulate slot machines using special methods. One method is by using of a special device which is entered into the coin slot, the other is built around where you manipulate the random number generator.

Other older tricks were, for example, to interject inferior foreign coins (which are identical in size and weight to how old DM coins were) or to use wire around the coins to pull them out of the bay. (This can frequently be seen in Uncle Scrooge in old Disney paperbacks).

Today, the issue is quite different. 0815 amateur tricks no longer work today. High-tech slot machines operators have responded, however, it's actually possible to manipulate machines today only through the counter use of the latest technology used by slot machines.

In Northern Germany in 2009 there have been some gangsters that could manipulate certain machines, where they were able to connect to a controller through the use of a wire into the coin slot to manipulate the coin from it. Other types of computer fraud may once again haunt the operators of the slot machines.

But there are also other simple brazen methods in which the host of a bar was caught out by a "sham visit " by the games machine operator company to investigate their bulging machines. Thus, this case (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNoQ7AclfhE (in German)) was " Ripped off " once in the German documentation was presented.

How does the operator or host protect against slot machines frauds

Protection is found when high-tech, intelligent computer systems are installed in most games. In addition, the structures are fundamentally different. Earlier it was possible to pretend with simple handles payouts. But today, of course, it is not so simple. Also, certain control units are protected so that they are not so easy to attack from outside. There are also the scammer counters with more sophisticated methods which will aid the operators. Because if a machine has been cracked, it will be checked thoroughly and the vulnerabilities fixed due to software or hardware updates as quickly as possible.

The host can protect themselves against slot machines manipulation by also being vigilant, so they never leave their machines 100 % out of eyesight. Especially when groups try to tamper with the machines, with possibly some members of this group trying to distract them, the hosts should always should intervene and be vigilant at all times.

Please note the slot machine manipulation is punishable by law! - Please refer to our legal strategies, tips and tricks.

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