Winnings at Roulette - odds

You can win a lot at roulette. However, the gain factor depends on what bet you place. The following table gives you an overview of the profit factor including likelihood with the French version:

bet name played numbers winning factor success rate
Plein 1 35 2,7%
Cheval 2 17 5,4%
Transversale pleine 3 11 8,1%
Carré 4 8 10,8%
Transversale simple 6 5 16,2%
Colonnes 12 double 32,4%
Douzaines 12 double 32,4%
Noirs 18 simple 48,6%
Rouge 18 simple 48,6%
Manque 18 simple 48,6%
Passe 18 simple 48,6%
Pair 18 simple 48,6%
Impair 18 simple 48,6%

The table is explained as follows:

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For protection against "Doubling's strategies" (while losing is for simple bets, the amount doubled), there are so-called table limits. If the "red" is played 8 times consecutively then they have always set to black, then they can quickly reach the table limits. So watch out for the table limits at play. You should also know the different roulette variants. In the American version there is a " double - zero " which reduces their chance to hit.

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