The zero in roulette games

To answer this question, one should first deal with the various roulette variants. There is a difference between the American and European version in the zero. While the French version only plays with a zero, there is, a "double zero" in the American variant.

Roulette rules
Roulette rules

Why does the Roulette a zero or double zero?

The zero ensures the casino house statistically has the edge. If there were only red and black, the probability would be compensated by 50 %. By having one zero in the French version the house edge is at 1.35 % (100 % / 37 fields / 2 ( since one zero only 50 % of the feed loses -but always look at each casinos rules individually to ensure which rules you are playing under because there are many exceptions! ) ). The American style with the "double zero" secures the casino a house edge of 5.26 % (100 % / 38 fields * 2 (There are two zeros in the field ) ). In addition, the player loses his full use of the zero - case.

Important for you to know now is: your chance of winning at roulette by zero is never exactly 50 % (regardless of whether they bet on red or black) but only 48.65% (French). Maybe it is the better preference to play the French version since your chance of winning is higher but it is the player's choice.

What is the probability to zero in roulette?

According to the above- with read numbers, the probability is on the zero at standard French roulette at 2.7 % (100 % / 37 fields) or 1:37 and with the American variant at 5.26 % (100 % / 38 fields * 2 ( There are two zeros in the field ) ) or 1:19. However, they must have either zero or double zero in the direct bet. Then the probability is 2.63 % (100% / 38 fields * 1). Important for you to know, however, is the fact that roulette is a game of chance. Theoretically, it is possible that the null 100 times in a row played out. However, the probability of such a situation is very low.

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